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Winter Drum Recital

Feb. 22nd, 2020, 2:30 PM, GBCCA Main Hall


李照悅 Ryen Hoover & 吳勁恆 Jin-Heng Wu

Book 1

No. 5 心高氣傲Proud and Arrogant

No. 7 風雨同舟Through Thick and Thin

No. 10 當機立斷Decisive Decision

No. 11 鬼斧神工Sophisticated Craftsmanship

No. 12 百鍊成鋼 Tempered Into A Steel

No. 13 決勝千里Win a Decisive Victory A Thousand Miles Away

No. 14 一呼百應 A Hundred Responses


屈佳恩 Karen Der & 陳長敏 Mimi Tao

Book 2

No. 1 行雲流水Flowing clouds

No. 2 堅如磐石 Solid As A Boulder

No. 4 豐富多采 Rich And Colorful

Book 1

No. 16 龍行虎步Dignified Manner Of An Emperor


鄭詠雪 Sherry Santangelo

Book 2

No. 10 人傑地靈 Spirit of place

No. 11 得心應手 Highly Proficient


余冬子 Dongzi Yu

Book 2

No. 1 行雲流水Flowing clouds

No. 3 歡欣鼓舞 Rejoice

No. 6 爭分奪秒 Snatch Seconds

No. 7 銳不可擋 Unstoppable


陳嘉茵 Chia-Ying Chen & 鄭詠雪 Sherry Santangelo

淨斯茶書院鼓譜 Drum Music from Jing Si Tea Academy


Boston Synchrony Chinese Percussion Ensemble Adult Ensemble (以鼓會友)

(Chia-Ying Chen, Karen Der, Sherry Santangelo, Mimi Tao, and Dongzi Yu)


歡慶鑼鼓 Festive Percussion Music


倪天遨 Teo Ni & 倪天文 Nathan Ni

Book 2

No. 5 氣象萬千 Spectacular And Ever Changing

No. 8 五光十色 Bright and Colorful

Book 1

No. 24 勇冠三軍Brave Champions


李文紅 Cai Lin Lee

Book 2

No. 16 神采飛揚 In Health and Vigor Spirits

No. 17 瞬息萬變 Rapid Change


李天乐 Luis Li, 李亦欢 Luke Li, 刘钧博 Jacob Liu & 騰奔 Ben Teng

Book 2

No. 16 神采飛揚 In Health and Vigor Spirits

No. 19 突飛猛進 By Leaps & Bounds

No. 14 聲威大震 Prestige


Bryan Claxton & 沈君明 Lee-James Filerman

Book 2

No. 12 動人心弦 Move Your Heart

No. 23 爐火純青 Reach Perfection


Boston Synchrony Chinese Percussion Ensemble

(Bryan Claxton, Lee-James Filerman, Cai Lin Lee, Luis Li, Luke Li, Jacob Liu, Teo Ni, Nathan Ni, Ben Teng)

(Bryan Claxton、沈君明、李文紅、李天乐、 李亦欢、刘钧博、倪天遨、倪天文、騰奔)

鼓詩 (選段) Drum Poem (Section)

Video Submission

盧香如 Brenda Lu

Book 1

No. 18 雷霆萬鈞 Thunderous

No. 19 電光火石 In a Split Second

No. 21 威武不屈 No Surrender to Force

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